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Galaxy Louvered Pergola

Looking for enhanced protection? Upgrade with our Maranza Pergola featuring Deluxe, fully weatherproof screens for all-season shade and shelter. Shop Maranza Deluxe Pergola here.

The Galaxy Louvered Pergola provides a shaded area in your garden within moments, simply rotate the winding mechanism to close the roof louvres, and pull down each sun screen that surrounds the Pergola to encapsulate your space.

The screens are slightly transparent allowing light to shine through but will protect you from UV rays, built-into spring-loaded runners allow you to pull down your screen to the desired height and when released they will retract back into its casing.

The Galaxy Pergola includes the sun screens for all sides.

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A premium product built using high quality materials
No planning permission required
Flexible features that adapt to all weathers
5 year warranty included as standard


The Galaxy Louvered Pergolas are available in a number of different sizes, please see below to see our full range and find the perfect fit for your garden.

3m 3m 2.3m 3.07×3.08m
3m 3.6m 2.3m 3.07×3.68m
3.5m 3.6m 2.3m 3.58×3.68m
3.5m 5.4m 2.3m 3.58×5.48m
3.5m 7.2m 2.3m 3.58×7.28m

Full height of the Galaxy is 229cm at the top of the roof beam, and 216cm at the underside of the roof beam across all sizes.

The leg post is 11.5cm x 11.5cm and the footplate is 19cm x 19cm.

*Outside length is the measurement from footplate to footplate, these can be removed if needed. Please refer to the drawing for further dimensions, found in the ‘Assembly Instructions’ section below.


The beauty in the Galaxy Louvered Pergola is the versatile design allowing you to create the ideal garden set up with the addition of the sun screens so whether you want to relax in the sun, take some shade, shelter from the rain or stargaze at night, the Galaxy Pergola is the ideal outdoor ready-to use terrace cover.

Combining high-quality materials, practical features and beautiful style, the Galaxy model allows you to enjoy your outdoor space all year round. Suitable for both domestic and commercial settings, the sleek, premium stainless aluminium pergola is available in five sizes and both Matte Royal Grey and Matte White ensuring it compliments any outdoor space.

The key feature in the Pergola’s unique design is the vented roof louvres, the winding mechanisms allow you to control the direction of the roof louvres manually creating an open or closed space. The genius built-in drainage system means that if the weather changes, just close the pergolas louvered roof to make the area completely weatherproof, any rainwater that lands on the louvres will flow into the guttering channels and drain through the legs to the ground.

The multi-functionality allows you to position the Pergola as a stand-alone structure or connect it to an existing building as a stylish extension to your home to be used as an al fresco dining space, a sheltered area for garden furniture or hot tubs, an outdoor kitchen or bar area and much, much more.

Though suitable for all gardens, the direction of the shutters on the Galaxy model favours it to South-facing gardens, our Rota model has the opposite direction of shutters allowing you to chose between the two to suit your space. 

The Galaxy Pergola is resistant to wind up to a wind force of 120 km/h and boasts a 5 year warranty.

Assembly Instructions

All of our Pergolas come with full assembly instructions and can be easily self fitted with basic DIY knowledge, as well as ideally two more people to help, plus an array of tools.

Estimated build time varies for each size model and ranges from 1-5 hours.
We always recommend anchoring the Pergola to the ground and ensuring you have something substantial enough to anchor into before the build begins. Please be aware that your warranty will not cover you for damage caused to a Pergola that has not been adequately secured to the ground.

If you would rather not assemble your Pergola yourself, then please tick the box above to add the install to your order. Please click here for more information regarding the installation and the pre-installation guide agreement.

A natural fall of ideally 15mm is required to allow the water to drain away as designed and for the screens to be fitted correctly, which by building regulations, your patio likely already has. Our install team can use packers under specific legs to ensure the complete gazebo works correctly should the fall of the patio level be different to the above, and by using our installation service you are agreeing to our team using packers under the footplates in such instances.

You can download the floorplans here:

The 3x3m Galaxy

The 3×3.6m Galaxy

The 3.5×3.6m Galaxy

The 3.5×5.4m Galaxy

The 3.5×7.2m Galaxy

What is the difference between the Galaxy, Maranza & Rota?

The functionality is the same on all models. The key difference in models is the height. The Rota is 20cm taller, so it makes a great overhang above patio or bifold doors. The Maranza and Galaxy roof panels are parallel to the longer length and the Rota roof panels are parallel to the shorter length.

With the exception of models with six legs (which have a roof system split in two), the Rota works on one roofing system so all louvres open in one movement, whereas dependent on the frame size of the Maranza and Galaxy, it has multiple roof sections, so one section could be closed and another open. The Maranza and Galaxy louvres open towards the longer length, making this model ideal for south facing gardens.

Deluxe retractable screens are available on both the Maranza and Rota models. Sun screens are available on the Galaxy model.

All side options can be retro fitted to the frame. On the Rota model a screen cannot be added on one of the sides (the side where the roof turning mechanism is) which is set on 1 of the longer sides.

The Maranza and Galaxy can house side screens on all four sides.


Here is a link to a video to show the key differences between the Rota and Maranza models


The sun screens are for use throughout the summer and should not be used in any more than a light breeze. They are built in to spring loaded cassettes attached at the top and bottom of the cassette with 5 stop points along the runners. They are not built in to the sides of the frames which allows them to blow out in any more than a light breeze.


The deluxe screens are built in to the cassette on all 4 sides of the fabric which makes them much more durable to wind and can be used all year round. The sides are built in with zippers to allow them to be used in moderate wind and rain. These screens are also weighted rather than spring loaded which allows them to sit at any level rather than only at certain points.


Both screens are produced from aluminium and textilene with the deluxe screens being produced from a higher quality of textilene as well as a much improved design.


We advise all screens to be retracted when you are not using the area incase of high winds.


Before you complete groundworks or book a pergola installation, please see our foundational guidance below to support you in discussions with your landscaper or builder.

The pergola must be fitted on to a solid surface and beneath the finished surface must be something for the pergola to be secured safely such as a concrete pad.

This would need to be completed before our installers arrive as they do not offer any groundworks, a local tradesperson would be able to assist you.

We can provide a floorplan indicating where the floor plates of the pergola will sit based on your chosen size and orientation, the floorpan can also be viewed on the relevant product page on our website.

We advise for concrete pads of approx 40x40x40cm beneath any tiles, if you have decking then we advise the same or alternatively extra structural joists below the decking.

You should then finish your surface completely with the tiles or decking on top, so that when our installers arrive they can drill through the tile/deck and into something extra secure below.

It is a good idea to choose your pergola size before doing any groundworks however if you have already laid the patio/deck then we do advise for you to check what is beneath the surface. Is it secure enough? Type1 or sand would not be suitable. Composite decking without something solid below would not be secure enough, unless you already have structural beams underneath where the footplates will sit. If this is the case, installing would successful as long as all footplates are sitting on structural beams wide enough for the footplate to be bolted into fully.

Should you have any questions before completing groundworks or booking a pergola installation please speak to our team on 01277 321888.

High Quality Materials

The Pergola is manufactured from high-quality aluminium which has been powder coated in the eye-catching Matte Royal Grey or Matte White colour which is UV protected, meaning that not only will the colour not fade over time, but it also protects you and your family from harmful UV rays.

There is virtually no maintenance required as the weatherproof aspects and the toughened aluminium ensures durability allowing for many years of outdoor use.

The optional side-screens are made from the highest quality Textilene. Unrivalled for strength and beauty, Textilene is made of PVC coated woven polyester non-stretch yarn which is flame retardant, heat sealable, mildew resistant, and stable under either hot or cold temperatures. Textilene is also a superb contract fabric in terms of durability, specially formulated from yarns developed to withstand wear and tear and has been tested up to wind force 8.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I Build the Pergola Myself? 

All models come with instructions and can be self-fitted with basic DIY knowledge, as well as ideally two more people to help, plus an array of tools. Estimated build time varies for each size model and can range from 1-5 hours. This does not affect the 5-year manufacturers’ warranty on the frame or the 2 year warranty on the sun & weather screens.

Do the Pergolas have a warranty? 

All of our aluminium products have a 5-year manufacturer’s warranty as standard. The sun and weather screens have a 2-year warranty. Please refer to the warranty here.

Is the Pergola Roof Weatherproof? 

When the louvres are fully closed, the roof is completely weatherproof in standard conditions. Rainwater runs from the roof louvres, into the guttering and then drains down internally, through the legs. During extreme weather conditions and severely heavy rain, there may be a slight leakage as excessive water cannot flow through the drainage quick enough and can spill over, just like guttering on a home or an external drain.

Are the Pergolas wind & storm resistant? 

Our models are semi-permanent structures, meaning they a secured to the surface and not below, this makes them very sturdy and durable, yet still with the ability to move, if required. They are wind resistant up to 120km and then beyond this when secured to your surface. Always keep the roof louvres slightly open during extreme weather conditions to allow the wind to pass through the structure.

Can the Pergola be dismantled & reassembled? 

Yes, this is possible.

Does the Pergola Require Maintenance? 

These models require very minimal maintenance. The frame can be washed with cleaning materials and also jet washed. The gutters can also be cleared with a jet wash.

You can find our range of cleaning and maintenance products here.

What’s the difference between the Rota & Maranza Pergolas? 

The functionality is the same on both models. The key difference in models is the height. The Rota is 20cm taller, so it makes a great overhang above bifold doors. In addition, the Rota louvres open slightly different from the Maranza, venting fully vertical and towards the shorter length. With the exception of models with six legs (which have a roof system split in two), the Rota works on one roofing system so all louvres open in one movement, whereas dependent on the frame size of the Maranza, it has multiple roof sections, so one section could be closed and another open. The Maranza louvres open towards the longer length, making this model ideal for south-facing gardens.

What surface can the Pergola be installed on? 

Our professional fitters can install and secure onto any flat, solid surface as long as the dimensions of the area are correct.

My surface has a slope, can you install a Pergola on this? 

With a gradual slope up to 10mm, we can adjust the legs to sit flat, using spacers. This does not affect your warranty.

Can the Pergola be connected to our building? 

The outside legs of the frame are always required and cannot be removed. However, we can place the footplates flush to the wall and add flashing to close the gap between the building and the top of the roof beam. This would then keep the structure watertight to your building. Please get in touch to enquire about this option.

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