When time is at a premium but you still want your outdoor space to look great, materials and planting techniques can make a huge impact. We’ve teamed up with our friends and award-winning landscape designers, Consilium Hortus, to offer some simple pointers for creating a sanctuary outdoors without reaching for the pruning shears every weekend.



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At the start of any project, consider the raw materials. Samuel Moore, lead designer at Consilium Hortus says “we always talk to our clients about how they want to use their space before we start designing. This often takes the form of a simple questionnaire. Our clients each have individual needs and ideas about their outdoor space but one thing most have in common is how much time they can dedicate to maintaining their space. Creating a beautiful garden that fits their lifestyle and looks great no matter what is always our priority.


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As you would with any indoor scheme, mood boards are a great starting point and Moore suggests keeping the mix of elements simple. “Porcelain stone is brilliant for patios and paving as it’s UV and mould-resistant and easy to clean. Sandstone, whilst it looks beautiful, can weather easily.” When considering outdoor structures and planters, using aluminium instead of wood is a sensible option as it’s rust-resistant. It’s also really versatile, complementing a contemporary garden with industrial accents or adding contrast in a more traditional setting.


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When moving onto the greenery, Moore suggests sticking to perennials “flowers that grow back year after year with very little input needed apart from removing the heads once they’ve dropped their petals” and evergreen, slow-growing topiary. “Lavender, laurels and spruces add height and interest and require very little attention beyond clipping once or twice a year. Left to their own devices they do really well”. Ornamental grasses are also a brilliant option for an easily managed garden. “Planted along borders, they bring an airy structure and form to a garden plus they really complement other plants” says Moore. “They also change colour through the seasons, looking especially rich and tonal in Autumn”.


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Plants aren’t the only options for adding interest, consider panels and sculptures to create focal points in your outdoor space. “Laser-cut panels and water features are really popular. Again, they require minimal attention but bring something different to your garden. We incorporate both regularly into our projects.”


Regardless of size, these simple principles translate easily into any space from small courtyards to larger projects.

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