Luxe Retractable Roof PergolaLuxe Retractable Roof Pergola

Luxe Retractable Roof Pergola

A unique experience is guaranteed with the stylish Luxe Retractable Roof Pergola. At the touch of a button the roof panels of this pergola are automated to one side of the Pergola, giving you clear sky views for open air living, allowing you to experience the ultimate outdoor feeling regardless of the weather.

Automated retractable side screens, lighting, heating and further accessories can be added to the Pergola at an additional cost.

From: £16,000.00

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A premium product built using high quality materials
No planning permission required
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WIDTH DEPTH full HEIGHT post width
3m 4.9m 2.3m 11.5×11.5m
3m 6m 2.3m 11.5×11.5m
3.5m 3.5m 2.3m 11.5×11.5m
3.5m 4m 2.3m 11.5×11.5m
3.5m 4.9m 2.3m 11.5×11.5m
3.5m 6m 2.3m 11.5×11.5m
4m 4m 2.3m 11.5×11.5m
4m 4.9m 2.3m 11.5×11.5m
4m 6m 2.3m 11.5×11.5m


With the Luxe Retractable Roof Pergola you’ll create a luxurious outdoor space with an advanced design and ultimate functionality, which provides protection against sun, wind, rain and other elements, for an exceptional quality of outdoor living. The design of the panels has been developed with the latest advances in technology.

When the synchronous moving panels slide open, a large open space is created above your terrace. When closing, the panels press together firmly on the integrated beams, ensuring optimum insulation. The design of the panels remaining in contact with the frame throughout the movement of closing eliminates any gaps or leaks.

This model offers one of the cleanest design aesthetics and function for outdoor living. These retractable roof systems are extremely sought after for domestic home the hospitality industry and other commercial properties as they provide cover and comfort to the family home, customers and visitors no matter the weather conditions. This factor has often shown a higher return-on-investment with an increase of property value, visiting clients and guests appreciating the amenities.

The roof beams are delivered in their complete sections, therefore please take into consideration that, if you ordered a 3x6m Luxe Pergola, the packaging box would be 6m long.




We always recommend anchoring the Pergola to the ground and ensuring you have something substantial enough to anchor into before the build begins. Please be aware that your warranty will not cover you for damage caused to a Pergola that has not been adequately secured to the ground.

The Luxe Pergola entire contents is delivered in a crate and would require a forklift to lift off the packages from the delivery truck, or we can provide the forklift at delivery for an extra fee.


The Pergola is manufactured from high-quality aluminium and powder coated in the timeless Anthracite Grey colour, this coating means durability for many years of outdoor use as it means rust-free and UV resistant.

The roof features aluminium panels in rows made from the same material as the Pergola frame, and can offer a fully weatherproof space when closed.