Installation & Delivery


We offer FREE delivery nationwide. Our delivery partners operate as a two-man team to ensure your product is delivered safely to your delivery address.

When we receive your order, we will be in touch with a dispatch date and then our delivery partner will make contact with you directly, to organise a suitable delivery date with a 10 working day lead time. If a delivery/installation slot is missed, you may be liable for a re-delivery charge. If an delivery/installation slot is cancelled within 7 working days of the installers arrival date, you may be liable for a re-delivery and/or re-installation charge. All dispatch and delivery dates are approximate and subject to availability at the time of purchase.

You may not need to home to accept your delivery, but we will need access to be provided and agreement that you’re happy for the goods to be left at your request.

Upon receipt of delivery, any damages or defects should be reported to SUNS Lifestyle within 48 hours with photographic evidence for us to resolve.

If you live in a remote area you may incur a delivery charge. This charge is determined by the courier company.

We can also offer installation of your garden furniture by our two-man delivery team, this would mean the set-up of the furniture and the packaging removed from your premises.


Installation by our trained team includes the delivery, assembly and bolting down of the pergola, including any screens & vented panels. Lead times for installation ranges from 4-6 weeks, and we provide nationwide installs. Please get in touch to check current lead times. Once you’ve placed your order online, we’ll make contact to book a convenient date to install your pergola. By selecting and paying for our installation service you are agreeing to the pre-installation guide detailed below. If anything in the guide is not adhered to, it may incur an additional fee for our team to return.

Please take care to ensure you have measured the area correctly and have a flat surface of up to 20mm (which, by building regulations your patio should already have). For anything more than this, we would need prior notification, as it means we would need to fit the pergola with packers. By using our installation service you are agreeing to our team using packers under the footplates in such instances.

Modifications such as lowering the height of the structure can be achieved, this service is great for areas which cover different levels, steps and walls and is available with an additional fee.

Our team are trained to fix to the following surfaces:

  • Concrete
  • Paving slabs
  • Wood decking
  • Composite decking
  • Porcelain tiles

Please note, for porcelain tiles our team use diamond drill bits and are extremely careful, however please be aware that we cannot be held responsible if tiles are cracked when drilling down, due to how the surface has been laid or where the legs are required to sit close to grout lines. Fixing into porcelain tiles will incur an additional fee, due to the expense of using the correct tools and the added time taken to carefully complete this work.

To ensure our Deluxe Screens work correctly, please note that the ground must be level between each leg and flat where the pergola will sit within a maximum of 20mm fall, as mentioned above. This will also allow the water to drain as it is designed to, if your fall on the patio does not match the above, then our installers will need to use packers under specific legs to create a level surface.

Our install team are not trained electricians and so for any heater installations, please organise your own local electrician to fit this for you.


Before our installation team arrives, please ensure that you have completed and adhered to the following actions

  • Decide the exact location and positioning of your Gazebo/item in advance. 
  • Ensure the location and positioning you have chosen is adequate for the Gazebo/item you have ordered. Refer back to the dimensions specified on your order.
  • Ensure access to the site is clear and free from obstacles. 
  • Ensure the grounds upon which your Gazebo/item is to be constructed is level, solid and any uneven bumps are levelled and/or smoothed before arrival of our team. Any additional works noticed to be required can be subject to fees as stated in our Assembly and Installation Service Terms and Disclaimer. The ground beneath Gazebos can be hard surfaces such as concrete, slabs and paving or soft surfaces such as decking. Any Gazebo installations on grass or earth areas must be adequately prepared in advance, recommended between 20cm3 – 40cm3 concrete pads to enable our installers to safely secure the fixture.
  • SUNS Lifestyle are not liable for the adequate preparation of ground services, you must give reasonable settling time for any preparation works to solidify an or settle before agreeing to an installation date.
  • Ensure that all grounding works have been discussed with our sales team in advance, so we are aware of the surface you are wanting to construct on.
  • Ensure that there is someone available to greet our team upon arrival and show them to the site where you wish the Gazebo/item to be installed and constructed. Our team will advise time of completion which is subject to no issues arising as stated in our Assembly and Installation Service Terms and Disclaimer.
  • Each individual job and/or installation requires customer sign off upon completion. We take no responsibility for any preventable damages/faults to the gazebo/items that are not within reason of a manufacturer fault. This includes but is not limited to; naturally occurring ground movements; extreme weather conditions, tampering with the structure, movement or re-structure of the area within close proximity of the gazebo.
  • SUNS Lifestyle will not be liable for any damage that occurs to your decking, patio, paving, garden to general property from the use of bolts, anchoring or other such materials needed to secure your item. 
  • SUNS Lifestyle takes no responsibility for items damaged by wind if securing of the item via bolts, anchors and other devices is refused by the customer. Refusing the secure fitting will be at the risk entirely of the customer and any third parties that should be in contact with the Gazebo/item.
  • By purchasing Gazebos/items you are attesting to the knowledge and understanding of this pre-installation checklist and the Assembly and Installation Service Terms and Disclaimer.

Our Gazebo Installation service is carried out by a two-man delivery and installation team who will unpack your items, construct in the agreed location and remove any such waste and/or packaging from the construction.

 SUNS Lifestyle reserves the right to make any additional charges should the assembly be complex or considered non-standard. This includes but is not limited to; construction over a hot tub or jacuzzi and on surfaces such as porcelain. 


What to expect

After placing your order:

Once you have placed an order with our sales team, we will contact you upon receipt of said item to our warehouse to arrange a delivery and installation slot. Installation and delivery times will vary depending on the item purchased. Installation can take several hours, and you will be given either an am or pm slot. Please note that these time slots are only a guide and can change depending on circumstances on the day. 


Before arrival of our installation team:

As set out in our checklist above installation can be carried out on either soft or hard surfaces which must be adequately prepared in advance.

On construction day:

Ensure to meet our installation team upon arrival and take them to the area in which you wish your Gazebo/item to be constructed

At any time:

Should you wish to contact the team regarding any queries about this or any of our services, feel free to get in touch via


Assembly and Installation Service Terms and Disclaimer