Why Suns Lifestyle?

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Thank you for getting in touch with us to talk about creating your ideal outdoor space. We’d love to be part of your project and thought we’d give a little more information about what we do. It’s no secret that the outdoor furniture market is a pretty cluttered place, so we thought we’d talk about why we think our products stand head and shoulders above the rest.


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Our signature product. Across the market, taken at face value they can look very similar. So how ‘good’ can a pergola be?

All of our pergolas are made from 100% high quality rust-resistant aluminium, they come in a range of sizes and heights to offer a range of solutions for garden projects. The components of our pergolas are often heavier than others because of the aluminium grade and density. This is why we offer a professional nationwide installation service for our outdoor structures, ensuring each one is safely constructed, with all screen components working and fixed securely to your finished surface to withstand the elements for year-round enjoyment.


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Most of our pergolas are manual louvered models, we do offer electric retractable options but for polished, contemporary good looks (and amazing value for the quality) we don’t think you can beat the streamlined finish on a manual louvered pergola. The winding mechanism for the roof louveres is neatly concealed to one side and a clever hidden drainage system that carries rainwater off the roof, into channels and down inside the legs. It’s worth noting that the roof louvres on all of our pergolas are double layered meaning they can withstand higher rainfall and won’t bend versus single skin options found elsewhere.


When it comes to shade and shelter, no pergola is complete without screens. We offer a range of options from simple sun protection when you need it on our Galaxy pergola, through to deluxe, weatherproof options on our popular Alvaro, Maranza and Rota models. Our deluxe screens are designed for life outdoors, made from an innovative weighted UV-protective, fade-resistant fabric they zip-lock into place at the base of the leg for robust protection from the wind and rain on all sides.


You won’t find any fiddly winders or rods on our screens either, instead our deluxe screens have in-built tension so you can stop them at any point for protection to suit you, or retract fully into their cassettes for a seamless finish when you want to enjoy the sun.


You might wonder why we don’t offer integrated lighting on our pergola models. There are a few reasons for this. Integrated electrics by nature compromise the market-leading 5-year warranty we’re so proud to offer on our pergolas.


We’re also sticklers for detail, which is why all of our pergolas have seamless roof joints and come with footplate covers to conceal any unsightly bolts and joints to your finished surface.


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We’re also happy to admit we’re not electricians and so prefer to work with trusted third party suppliers on any lighting requirements you have.
We truly believe this not only gives you a better, more professional service (and the relevant support in the future when needed), it also gives you more options on the styles of lighting available.


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  • Can the company offer guidance on foundations?
  • Can the company provide floorplans for leg placement and orientation?
  • Check the company you’re purchasing from can install for you
  • Do they have an in-house installation team (not delivery drivers)
  • Does the company have customer images of jobs they’ve installed already?
  • Does the company have insurance to install your pergola properly?
  • Will they bolt down for you? This is vital for a secure structure.
  • Does the company physically stock the product?
  • Does the company have first hand product knowledge?

At Suns Lifestyle we confidently fulfil all of the above, our installation service is tried and tested with over 3500 happy customers and we’re used to working with our customers on the best solution for their outdoor space.


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We love a long, hot summer but being British, we know you can’t predict the weather. What we do know is that the great outdoors is there to be enjoyed, which is why Suns Lifestyle furniture, lighting and accessory collections are designed for life in all seasons.

When we say weatherproof, we mean it. Our outdoor collections are made from robust, innovative materials that you can leave outside all year round. Rust-resistant 100% high-quality aluminium features on many of our furniture frames, often complemented by FSC-certified sustainably sourced teak which is inherently mould and insect-repellent thanks to its natural oils.

We also believe that your furniture should be low maintenance which often guides the materials and construction we use in the design process, opting for high-quality components that not only look the part but weather beautifully too, with minimum upkeep required.


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Our lounge and seating collections offer a level of comfort usually found indoors. Our cushion interiors use a Fast Dry Foam™ technology which means they’re ready to use shortly after a heavy downpour thanks to a spacious cell structure and enhanced air circulation.
We also work with a material called SensoTex™, our own developed textilene which feels like fabric but is as strong and weatherproof as plastic. SensoTex™ furniture is easy to clean and can be left outside all year round. Combined with Sunproof® our premium, UV and fade-resistant textile, you can rest assured that your outdoor sofa and dining chairs will look great whatever the weather.


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Lighting your outdoor space has never been easier with our collection of solar-powered lamps and lanterns. Harnessing energy from the sun (or USB-C for an extra boost) our lamps and lanterns operate for up to 18 hours on a full charge and offer a completely wireless (and weatherproof) scheme for your garden in a range of colours and materials. From interchangeable lamp stands to cantilevered statement lighting, discover all you need to create added ambience at home.


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We’re proud to offer outdoor textiles; cushions, rugs and pouffes that are made using recycled PET fibres. Feels like fabric but as weather and moisture-resistant as its original plastic bottle state. Add colour and additional comfort with our innovative soft furnishings collection. Again, there’s no need to take them indoors but inevitably doing so will give them an even longer lifespan.