Creating an outdoor cinema

Nothing beats the magic of watching a film underneath the night sky surrounded by family and friends. With a bit of creativity and planning, you can transform your garden into a private outdoor cinema perfect for cosy screenings and hours of entertainment. No need to book pricey tickets or queue in the brisk night air – bring the VIP movie experience home and make every night a premiere with your own al fresco screening.

With a few luxe finishing touches, your garden can become a private media room where you control the A-list guest list. Here are some suggestions on where to begin in creating your perfect outdoor cinema.


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The perfect setting is vital – carefully crafting the physical space helps set the mood and makes your al fresco cinema feel like an escape from the everyday.

Start by choosing a flat, shaded spot for your screen to allow for ideal viewing angles for your guests. You may want to consider installing a pergola overhead to provide cover in case the weather turns, ensuring you can use your outdoor cinema year-round. The addition of deluxe screens for shade, shelter and privacy is a must-have addition for any outdoor cinema space.

Wooden structures complement natural settings, while aluminium offers a sleek, modern look. For a Bohemian vibe, you could also drape fairy or festoon lights across the structure.


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Next, build out your viewing area with patio pavers, gravel, stone or timber decking. Incorporate lush greenery like flower beds, potted palms and hanging baskets to inject colour and fresh scents to the space.

Enhance the space with weatherproof lounge seating and comfortable floor cushions for laidback movie viewing, or add modular seating which can be purchased in various configurations to accommodate different groups, such as our Kota collection shown here.

Don’t forget mood lighting too. String lights, citronella candles and garden lanterns create a magical aura once the sun goes down. Place fixtures around the space for a soft glow that enhances the cinema aesthetic.


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You’ve set the stage — now it’s time to equip your garden theatre for the perfect viewing experience. Investing in high-quality audio and visual equipment pays off in spades when it comes to outdoor entertainment immersion.

The centrepiece is, of course, the screen and projector – choose a pull-down or fixed projection screen designed for outdoor use and position it at the optimal viewing angle furthest from ambient light.

Select a projector bright enough for clear daytime viewing – next comes the surround sound system. Mount outdoor speakers at strategic points around the viewing area for immersive audio and aim for at least six speakers for clear sound.


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Now add those final flourishes to really wow your audience. You want to ensure your guests have plenty to eat, so in addition to stocking up on traditional movie favourites like popcorn and sweets, why not install an outdoor kitchen for chilled drinks and hot snacks throughout future screenings?

The beauty of an outdoor cinema is that you can bring the indoors out, creating an inviting living space that’s an extension of your home. Choose durable materials that won’t stain or fade but are just as comfortable for use year-round. For colder nights, provide soft blankets and plush pillows so guests can curl up comfortably.

With the luxury of your own private outdoor cinema, every screening feels like an exclusive soiree. Attention to fun details and comforts will keep your guests praising the VIP treatment long after the closing credits roll.

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Creating an outdoor home cinema may seem daunting, but with the right mix of style and technology, you can craft a spectacular private viewing retreat. With our range of comfortable outdoor furniture, pergolas and dining facilities, you can craft the perfect outdoor space.