How to Build a Pergola: A DIY Install Guide

If you’re looking to add interest and functionality to your garden, a pergola is the perfect choice. Timeless and stylish, it’s a feature that complements any landscape and will enable you to make better use of your outdoor space throughout the year. Installing a pergola can be a satisfying challenge to take on – here, we provide a few essential tips to ensure a successful build.

Cranking up the Louvers


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If you’re a keen DIY enthusiast and have the necessary tools for the job, then you can order from our in-stock selection of pergolas and install it yourself in next to no time.


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All our pergolas come with an easy-to-follow guide for simple installation, so we recommend reading through this before making a start to ensure you have all the parts, tools and accessories you need. If you need any advice, you can call our friendly team of experts for guidance beforehand.

We’ll provide the necessary fixtures and fittings – all you need is the tools. We recommend a diamond drill bit if you’re installing onto porcelain tiles rather than wooden decking to avoid cracking the tile.

Pergola on a Patio in the Sun

Beams and Louvers


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Lay out all the parts in the order you’ll be assembling them for an easier installation process, then begin connecting the beams of the pergola. You can use a silicone sealant, though it’s not essential. Carefully raise the beams and attach the louver mechanism. You might need an extra pair of hands here to support the structure while the louver mechanism is screwed into place.

Add the louvers into the slots, clicking them into place securely, then bolt down the pergola to secure it to the ground. Then it’s just a matter of decorating the space to suit your needs, from heaters and lighting to furniture.


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If you’d prefer a member of our experienced installation team to install your pergola, we’d be more than happy to arrange that for you. Our lead times vary throughout the year based on customer demand – spring and summer is a popular times for our customers, meaning lead times for installations can be up to 8 weeks, so we’d recommend contacting us for our current lead times. If a pergola is something you know you’d love, we’d recommend installing it out of peak times so you’re ready to enjoy it straight away. We provide nationwide installation, handling everything from the delivery and assembly to securing the pergola to the foundations. Once you’ve placed your order, we’ll be in touch to arrange a suitable time for the installation to take place.

Our team is trained to fix pergolas to the following surfaces:

  • Postcrete
  • Paving slabs
  • Wood and composite decking
  • Porcelain tiles

We use diamond drill bits for porcelain tiles, but please note that an additional fee is required for this type of installation due to the time taken to carefully complete this work. We can also handle modifications such as lowering the height of the pergola to suit your property and adding flashing if required to create a weathertight seal between your home and the pergola. You can read more about our professional installation service here.

Secluded Pergola with Lounge Set

Pergola on the Patio with Dining Set


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To help you make the right choice when shopping for a pergola, we’ve put together a pre-purchase checklist:

  • Can the company offer guidance on foundations?
  • Can the company provide floorplans for leg placement and orientation?
  • Check if the company you’re purchasing from can install it for you
  • Do they have an in-house installation team? (not delivery drivers)
  • Does the company have customer images and reviews of projects they’ve installed already?
  • Does the company have insurance to install your pergola properly?
  • Will they bolt down for you? This is vital for a secure structure.
  • Does the company physically stock the product in the UK?
  • Does the company have first-hand product knowledge?

At Suns Lifestyle, our installation service has been tried, tested and loved by over 4,500 happy customers. We’re confident that we fulfil all of the above criteria to the highest standard and provide our customers with the very best solution for their outdoor space.

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If you’d like a pergola in your own garden, take a look at our selection of pergolas today – we offer the biggest range of sizes in the UK, starting at 3x3m.