How to protect your patio from the elements

Just imagine opening your large bifold doors out onto the patio and stepping outside – what could be nicer on a warm, sunny day? They’re a popular feature in many properties and an excellent way to connect your home’s inside and outside spaces. Whether your patio or terrace serves as an extension of your dining room or lounge area, it should be a beautiful space for relaxation and entertainment.


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This is all very well but most homeowners know that without protection from the elements, a patio and all who spend time on it will be exposed to the weather. In the summer, the heat and direct sunshine affecting south or west facing patios can be unbearable – just think of the heatwaves we experienced in the summer of 2022, the hottest summer on record for England with a top temperature of 40.3 degrees centigrade.

What’s more, this may not be a freak occurrence. With climate change now beyond reasonable doubt, we may yet see more scorching hot summers to come. And while there’s nothing much we can do about the weather, good or bad, we can at least be prepared, taking extra precautions to protect the patio from the elements.


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At SUNS Lifestyle, we offer a wide range of premium aluminium pergolas for patios and seating areas to enhance the look and feel of any garden space. As an option, a wall-mounted pergola can provide the perfect transition between your home’s interior and the patio, delivering shade and protection overhead from the moment you step outside. Additional Side Panels can transform the space further, offering shelter from the summer heat, sun, wind or rain.

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Our Alvaro Louvered Pergolas can be installed close to the building with an overhang above the bifold doors. The manual louvered shutters allow you to sit in sun or shade, while the addition of Deluxe Side Screens offers extra protection from the wind, rain or summer heat. It’s a smart solution with a long lifespan.

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Our Rota Louvered Pergolas are versatile terrace covers with a wall mounted option to create a useful overhang from your home. This design is available in eight different sizes offering a variety of options to combine together to suit your space. There are optional Deluxe Side Screens that can be fixed to the pergola to create an enclosed space to protect you from the sun, wind and rain, and to keep the summer heat out of the house.

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Our Galaxy Louvered Pergolas allow you to create the ideal garden set up with the addition of sun screens for added protection. This design can be positioned as a standalone structure or connected to an existing building as a stylish extension for an al fresco dining space or a sheltered area for an outdoor kitchen, bar area or hot tub. Sun Screens are available for extra shade and privacy.

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At SUNS Lifestyle, we pride ourselves on the high quality of our European designed pergolas – beautiful premium products that are made to last. Each piece is fully weatherproof and low maintenance, giving you more time to enjoy your outdoor space without having to worry about the weather. For your total peace of mind, we provide a reassuring 5-year warranty on most of our products.

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Our extensive pergola range comes in a variety of sizes, prices and features, which means you’re bound to find the perfect solution and level of performance for your patio and outdoor space. Whether you are looking for electric retractable pergolas, standalone or wall-mounted models, superior UV and shade protection, additional side screens and more, our products are designed to help you enhance the convenience and enjoyment of your home.

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