Let the festivities begin

The festive season is quiet for Garden and Home shows. Instead of enjoying the outdoors, everyone is in their living room watching chestnuts roast on open fires. However, there is still the Christmas Floral Extravaganza. This runs once in November and again at the beginning of December in Cheshire. You can experience it yourself by attending Arley Hall and Gardens. This is the perfect opportunity to find some new festive garden decorations and perhaps also explore some fresh styles that you are sure to love.

While it might be too cold to venture out into your garden through December, you can still make sure that you love looking at it from the window. We have some gorgeous lanterns at Suns Lifestyle that will add a beautiful, mystic glow. Alternatively, you can think about exploring some of the furniture that is going to be a welcome addition to your garden through spring.


A key benefit of buying furniture from our store is that you don’t need to worry about it not holding up in the winter weather. From water-resistant cushions to full furniture sets made of SensoText, we have some fantastic possibilities for you to choose from. SensoText is designed to provide the comfort of typical furniture while also being suitable for all weather conditions. You can choose Hockers or a fresh collection of dining chairs guaranteed to impress guests, all made from the finest materials.


Our stunning elegant garden furniture sets could also be the perfect way to treat yourself this Christmas and ensure you have a stylish garden set up for 2020.

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