Modern London Garden Design Ideas for 2023

Is 2023 going to be the year you get round to improving your garden? While we tend to focus on renovating the interiors of our homes, spending some time on what’s outdoors can quickly pay off. Even small additions can make a big difference to your enjoyment of your space. What’s more, garden improvements can add serious value. Research shows that a well-presented garden can boost sale prices by up to 20%. Plan your improvements now and you’ll be set to make the most of the warmer weather as soon as it arrives.


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Think your garden is too small for a meaningful makeover? While it’s true that space can be tight in urban homes, even the tiniest garden space can be turned into an oasis with some clever design.


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Careful planning is key to creating a beautiful garden, especially when space is limited.

“Decide on the main role for the space,” says award-winning garden designer Alex Hollingsworth. “Committing to a single use in your garden if it’s small is important; choosing what you’d like the garden to be primarily used for (such as a dining area, drinks terrace or only a space for planting) means it won’t feel overly busy and cramped.”

While only you can decide what to focus on, there are a few approaches that we would recommend.


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The trend for outdoor dining shows no signs of slowing down. Whether it’s a simple fairy-lit barbecue or an elegant dinner party beneath the stars, more and more of us are choosing to turn our gardens into outdoor dining rooms.

One of the best parts of this trend is how scalable it is. If you’re lucky enough to own a sizable garden, you can go to town with a fire pit, handsome dining table and a louvered pergola that provides shelter on chillier nights or an evening under the stars when it’s warm.

Modest terrace? Transform the ambiance with lighting; hang twinkling festoon lights above and dot the ground with lanterns to lend your garden a magical, festive atmosphere.


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Our gardens are places to relax and unwind away from the pressures of work and the fast pace of daily life. Filling your garden with plants and other greenery will attract birds and butterflies and will give you somewhere to retreat from the stress of city living.

A great way to create the illusion of a bigger, more abundant space is to think about layering and mixing scale. Tall plants such as palms and monstera provide a backdrop of greenery (and can hide brick walls and fences) while smaller shrubs lend detail and interest.

Adding a pond or other water feature is another great way to create a tranquil space.

Installing a small pergola nearby creates a space for a bench, daybed or lounger, where you can switch off and enjoy the sounds of nature. Our pergolas start at just £3,300 and available with finance options, making them an affordable way of creating more living space without the need to build. Thanks to their non-permanent nature, you can take them with you should you move home later on too.


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During lockdown hot tubs became a must-have garden accessory as we found ourselves with time to spare and even more need to relax. The fashion for turning our gardens into mini spas looks set to continue into 2023.

Even a small garden has the potential to become a spot for some pampering with a few clever additions. Our pergolas make an ideal setting for a home spa since they can be customised to fit into almost any space. Choose a model with louvered shutters above and you can relax in warm waters under the stars or even if it’s raining.

If you have the room, consider creating an adjacent chill-out zone to cool off afterwards. Our range of outdoor rugs, created from recycled materials, are a great way to zone off different areas as well as lending your space a relaxing, luxurious feel. Add a couple of loungers, a stylish pouffe and some super soft cushions for a space you and your friends will love to spend time in.

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