How to build a pergola attached to house

Attaching a pergola directly to your house can provide shaded space right outside your backdoor, deck or patio area. The shade from an attached pergola allows you to enjoy being outdoors without having to be in direct sunlight, letting you fully utilise your outdoor living space. Structurally connecting a pergola to your home also provides a sturdier support system than a freestanding unit.

In this blog, we’ll walk through the process of planning, building and finishing a custom pergola attached to your home, so you’ll have the knowledge to build your own gorgeous pergola as part of your home or of course, take advantage of our expert installation team and let us do the legwork for you.

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Constructing a pergola tailored for outdoor living requires some additional planning compared to a basic overhead structure.

You want to design your pergola as an extension of your interior space, so start by mapping out distinct zones for different activities under your pergola to optimise the space. For example, designate one area for outdoor dining with a table and chairs; another could have comfy seating arranged around a fire pit for relaxation.

Leave room for an outdoor kitchen area to make delicious meals or drinks for your guests. Ensure there is enough open space for people to comfortably move around.

Before starting your project, check the projected height of your structure and if needed, engage with your local council (and neighbours!) to determine whether you need planning permission for an attached pergola.

Generally, approval is required if the structure exceeds a certain size or height – decking plus your pergola can’t exceed 250cm without permission, for example. If you live in a conservation area, it’s best to seek approval here too. Ensure you have permissions approved ahead of time, as you may need to submit detailed plans.


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Take into account how you’ll access your pergola from inside the home. Glass doors leading out to a patio or deck are ideal, but you also need to consider the sun’s path when determining placement.

A south-facing pergola will get the most daylight, but this may not be possible with your available space. It’s also worthwhile checking for overhead obstructions like power lines or branches that could interfere with your structure.

Consider the weight of the pergola. When designing the space, keep in mind the weight of the materials that you will be using.

You also need to consider the wind and snow loads in your area, to ensure the pergola is strong enough to withstand all of these forces. We can offer a site survey to help you determine the best location for your home.

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The main method for connecting to your home is to attach the pergola using brackets mounted to the wall.

We can also install flashing. Flashing is a waterproof material that is used to seal the joints between the pergola and the house, and should be applied over the bolts.

This will help to prevent any water from leaking into your home. For a seamless view from the inside out, the middle leg can be removed in most instances.


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Once constructed, add furnishings and decorative elements to maximise use and enjoyment of your new outdoor room. Comfortable lounge seating, rugs, side tables and even shelving give you a welcoming place to relax.

Consider including a dining area for entertaining, and modular seating for relaxing during the day. Screens, curtains and plants create privacy while allowing airflow, and also add colour to the pergola.

Electrical outlets, fans, speakers and mood lighting such as our solar-powered garden lanterns enable use day and night, particularly during the autumn and winter when the nights draw in earlier.

You can add to this cosy atmosphere with soft furnishings like outdoor cushions and poufs to bring the indoors outside as well as a pergola heater for additional warmth when needed. These aesthetic touches will really elevate your garden and give you the feeling of adding an extra room to your home to extend your living space.

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At Suns Lifestyle, we offer a wide selection of pergolas, outdoor furniture and accessories to enable you to create a bespoke outdoor living space for your home. Our in-house installation team will ensure your pergola is installed properly and securely, for complete peace of mind that the structure is built to last. Contact us today for advice and guidance when choosing your pergola and finishing touches.