What is the Best Location to Install a Pergola?

You’ve likely seen pictures of beautiful pergolas and been inspired to install one in your own garden. Pergolas make a great addition to an outdoor space, but you need to choose the right location to optimise your garden or patio and garner the biggest visual impact. There are several options to choose from, depending on what you hope to get out of a new pergola.

Shaded Pergola


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The most common reason for installing a pergola is that you want to create a shaded spot in the back garden for those hot and sunny days. Pergolas are ideal for this purpose, providing a comfortable space to relax without exposure to the elements. But naturally, where you position the structure will impact whether a pergola will block the sun entirely or just at peak times of the day.

Consider where the sun hits your garden throughout the day and when you’re likely to want to use the space, as this will help you determine the right location to maximise the sun or benefit from ample shade at peak times. In most cases, you want to orient your pergola to target the mid-to-late day sun, as this is when you’re most likely to need shade.

A contemporary aluminium pergola is a great option for houses with bifold doors, reducing light and glare into the home as well as temperature during the hotter summer months. Especially popular for south and west-facing gardens, a pergola offers shade and shelter whilst seamlessly bringing the indoors out when your doors are open. Opt for a wall-mounted pergola such as the Alvaro louvered pergola, tall enough to clear external doors you can remove the middle legs in favour of wall-mounted brackets to keep the space and vistas in your garden open.

Open blinds on a louvered pergola can provide some shade, but not as much as a covered roof – the rafters should be positioned north to south for more shade compared to positioning them east to west. Of course, this is bespoke to your property so contact our expert team for more advice on orientation. Our experienced install team will also advise on-site if needed. Alternatively, if your outdoor space receives a lot of sun during the day, you might want to opt for a pergola with side panels for additional shade.


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A pergola may start with open walls, but you can increase privacy by enhancing your pergola with weatherproof side panelling and screens, add plants that fill in the space as well as colour and seclusion in addition. Accessorise with floor cushions and lighting to create a secluded hideaway that’s peaceful and relaxing. If privacy in your outdoor space is something you’re looking for, you may want to position your pergola towards the back of your garden away from your house or away from neighbouring fences.

Secluded Spot under the Pergola

Dining Set and Sofa under Pergola


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If you envision yourself using your pergola as a seated area to host outdoor dinners, you may want to position it next to your home or by an outdoor kitchen so your guests will be closer to the action.

However, if the goal is to relax and unwind, you might want to install it at the end of your garden for a quieter environment away from social spaces. Many people choose to install their pergolas next to their homes, creating an indoor-outdoor area to extend their living space year-round with cosy sofas and seating areas.


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The placement of a pergola goes beyond just maximising sunshine or shade. You also want to think about the surface you’re installing onto and how the style you’ve chosen works with your landscape. For example, are you installing onto grass or a patio area?

Dimensions are also important – a narrow garden may benefit from a taller pergola to enhance the sense of space, while a smaller area might be overwhelmed by a bigger model, so factor in the dimensions that will work best for your space. If you have a larger space, you may want to use this structure to break up the area and create ‘zones’. Alternatively, you might have spectacular surrounding scenery that you want to frame with the pergola, giving you the very best vistas from that spot without blocking the view.

It’s also worth thinking about any future landscaping plans you have in mind. If you intend to install a swimming pool later on or add decking to your outdoor space, think about how these plans will work with the position of your pergola.

Pergolas provide instant visual appeal and can optimise your garden so you can enjoy your time outdoors even more. By considering the layout of your property and how you want to use this new addition to your garden, you’ll be able to choose a pergola that’s the perfect size and positioned in the right place.

Jacuzzi Pergola

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