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Infrared Pergola Outdoor Heater 2000W

Make sure your SUNS Lifestyle Pergola is cosy all year round with the 2000W Outdoor Heater, perfect for spending time in your garden on those cooler evenings where it can be fixed to both the Maranza Deluxe, Galaxy & Rota models.

Constructed with industrial aluminium and carbon fibre heating elements it will reach surface temperatures between 200 – 300°C and will heat an area of 15 – 20m², making sure you can relax in the garden, whatever the weather. Infrared heaters use up to 60% less energy than electric convection heaters, because they warm up objects rather than the air.


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Easy and Natural Heat
Easy Install and low Maintenance
Easy to Use
Compatible with Pergola


985mm 160mm 70mm

Cable length 4.9m


Bring warmth on colder nights with the 2000W Infrared Pergola Outdoor Heater.

Discreet and easy to install the outdoor heater features a wi-fi remote control that allows you to have instant control over the heater with time settings, smart heating and a child lock feature. A body sensor in the heater will detect bodies moving and operate as long as it can sense movement. For increased efficiency, it will switch off automatically if nothing is detected after 2 minutes and it is protected with an IP65 rating, so it won’t be damaged by dust or splashes of water.

The Health Benefits Of IR Heating.

Firstly, infrared heat is far more penetrative compared to convection heaters, which are only really felt on the surface of the skin unlike IR heating which penetrates up to 3 inches beneath the surface of the skin so your whole body feels warm! Warming your body with IR heating increases the level of oxygen in the bloodstream, reducing your heart rate in the process. As the blood vessels become warmer, they dilate, thus allowing a higher number of blood cells to circulate around the body. Not only is this better for your general health, but it’s also great for if you’ve sustained any injuries like cuts or knocks, as it will help with recovery. Infrared is also non convective, meaning it does not create air flows carrying dust, pollen and allergens around, so you get a clean, safe heat that avoids any sort of trigger on respiratory problems.

Saving Money with IR Heating.

IR panels propose many different advantages including discreet heat, being kind to the environment and aiding a healthy lifestyle. But, how can they help your bank account?

Using low amounts of power equals low costs. In comparison to the 2kW/h that a convector heater would use, IR heaters will use between 0.29 and 0.8kW/h. By switching to IR units, you can save up to 60% on your energy bills.

You will be able to control each heater individually, unlike convection heaters which will all be on at the same time. You can instead only operate the ones in the spaces you are in for efficiency.

Last but certainly not least, our heaters take little to no time to start emitting heat that you can actually feel. Therefore, the actual unit will spend less time on, using less energy, to help you save more.

Install With Ease

Completely easy to install, you can mount it to a wall or ceiling without any professional help at all.

With a stencil in the box, you will need to draw onto the surface where you want the heater to go and drill in the brackets. Our heaters come delivered with four wall brackets – two that will go into your surface and two to be affixed to the back to the panel.

The brackets are also adjustable so you can steer the heat to any direction you want!

Zero Maintenance

Requiring little to no maintenance, this Bar Heater is so simply constructed with no moving parts at all. This means you can save a fortune on your maintenance, as well as your heating bills.

An IR heater can actually last for up to 30 years, doubling a boilers lifespan! 

To maintain the look of the heater, simply clean it down with a damp cloth. In the event that any dust builds up, you will just need to wipe it down again.

Always be sure to turn the unit off and wait for it to cool down before cleaning it for added safety.

You can find more information and assembly instructions here.

Technical specification
Wattage 2000w
Wi-Fi Yes
Surface Material Aluminium
Surface Temperature 200-300°C
Dimensions (mm) 970mm x 160mm x 80mm
Recommended Fixing Wall/Ceiling
Cable Length 4.9m
IP Rating IP65
Voltage 230V
Warranty 2 Years Upgradable to 5 Years
Panel Weight 3.2kg
Heating Element Carbon Fibre